Samphi is primarily a story driven RPG set in a randomly generated, destructible sandbox universe.
You will fight across many randomly generated levels, craft, build, level up and collect gear. Most importantly; you play the game how you decide.
With 2 game modes, story & freeplay, you can either play through my story or create your own.

In freeplay mode the world is yours. There is no goal, just sandbox goodness.
Create your own world, live your own story and use your skills to survive.

Each world is made up of randomly generated areas. What you do in this world is up to you!
Dig, build, gather and create your own world. Don't take too long; things go bump in the night.
You have plenty of materials at your disposal so let's see what you can create with them.

Once you have gathered your materials you are ready to craft.
Use what you have gathered to forge new items and equiptment to help you build your world.
To craft better items and building materials build yourself a crafting bench.

Now you have your items and a shelter its time for the final step. Food!
There's multiple ways in which you can get food including gathering, fishing and farming.
Time to get back to your house, rustle up a campfire and cook your spoils.

Samphi is a story about a relationship between 'boy' and 'girl'.
Through re-living memories along the timeline of their relationship (all set in sandbox, randomly generated worlds) you will learn their story.
To do so you will have to master the art of crafting, survival, building and combat.

The story behind Samphi is about the reflection of an ended relationship.
The characters are 'boy' & 'girl'. They have no dialog, no mouths, just their memories.
Experiencing these in a sandbox world allows you to follow the story in your own way.

Play as either 'Boy' or 'Girl' and travel through the memories of their relationship.
Each memory will find you in a randomly generated area in which you replay the memory.
Complete all memories in the timeline and their tasks to learn the story behind 'boy' & 'girl'.

Samphi's story is me sharing my own experience. Almost an interactive diary.
The loose telling of the story will allow you to add your own significance to your expreience.
If that's not your bag there's always freeplay mode where there's no restricitons.

Samphi is in its most infant form. This is the first real build of the game so there's lots still to implement.
The funds raised through alpha funding are going to allow me to dedicate more time to development and make the best possible game.
Here's SOME of the features that I have planned for future development.

  • + Larger worlds with more biomes

  • + Local and online multiplayer

  • + Many, Many more items

  • + More weapons and enemies

  • + Greater RPG elements such as skills

  • + More features I don't even know yet!

Since Samphi is a rpg/survival/sandbox there isn't much of an in-game tutorial. This is by design.
In these types of games I feel part fo the fun is working things out yourself.
I understand some basic theory and help is wanted by some players so here are some pointers to get you started in Samphi.
If you want more detailed infromation you can check out Samphi's wiki here.

Samphi is now in an Alpha Funding stage! That means the game is available now at a discounted price. If you purchase the game now (by doing this you are activley supporting development so my deepest thanks) you will get all future versions for free and I plan to do lots more with the game.

I created an article a while back which outlines the reasons for alpha funding. Here's the conclusion:

"So here's the bottom line; I'm entering alpha funding to enable me to create the best game for all. To be able to put all my time into it, work on it full time and create the best goddamn game in the universe. If you don't want to support the future development of the game that's totally your decision and i respect that. I'll be leaving 0.5 up for people to play for free and will patch the bugs that people find so theres a free alternative. If however you do want to support the game, and buy into it early so we create an awesome game together then you have my sincere thanks. I've set myself a deadline of 13 December 2013 to release the game so you should be able to buy it then. Ill be posting updates before then so you wont miss it."

So if you want to get in on the alpha of Samphi and help me build an awesome game you can do so by buying it using one of the options below.